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Borondo in Rome

Posted on Mar 2, 2012 | 2 comments

I first started noticing some new art up in Rome late in the Fall.  First along the Prenestina by the ATAC terminal and then one night at Teatro Valle Occupato I saw an amazing technique I’d never seen in Rome before.  Thin layers of white paint, applied in a swirling fashion, were then scratched away to reveal a portrait (see another example from Pigneto on my Instagram stream).  Incredible!  I didn’t connect things together at the time, but what I was seeing was all by the same artist.

Borondo is a young Spanish artist who happens to be in Rome during a year long university exchange.  A quick stroll around the San Lorenzo neighborhood, where he is living, betrays his traces at every corner.  Posters and the aforementioned scratching technique abound, both showing a painterly touch that makes him easily recognizable and distinguishes his art as his own.  There is a definite affinity toward portraiture and when you find one of his “etched” pieces, these haunting faces gently call to you and you can’t help but be drawn to them.  I was lucky enough to meet the artist last week when he popped by the studio of another street artist in Rome and one reason he works with the etching technique is the fact that it’s very easily removable.  One can simply scrub the paint away and the glass is left clean.  However, if I were lucky enough to find one of these on my window, I don’t think I’d be washing it anytime soon.

To get an insider’s view of how this technique works, check out this amazing video of a large window he painted in Madrid.  Word has it that he’ll be having a solo show here in Rome in June, so I’ll be sure to write details as they become available.


  1. absolutely an amazing talent-hope to see some of his work when I am back in Rome

  2. I hope he’s still around when I get back to Roma. Great work!


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