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A Walk Home

Posted on Apr 3, 2012 | 3 comments

Almost seven years in Rome and even with its frustrations and annoyances, somehow walking through the city never fails to bring me some peace.  It might seem impossible with the chaos of the cars and scooters, plus the hoards of tourists here and there, yet it’s true.  When I put on my headphones and let the music fill my mind, all those other things go away and it’s like looking at the city through different eyes.  Today I took a route home I’ve taken a million times, but as the songs played in my head, I was inspired over and over again to photograph ordinary things that I see all the time.  Except, things are never really ordinary.  They are only ordinary when you make them that way.  Twisting and distorting this place ever so slightly, there is a magical beauty – quiet, elegant, and timeless – that always remains below the surface.  It’s a comfort, one that you can turn to when needed. This is Rome.


  1. That’s the exact feeling I get everytime I come back home from a mission abroad. Every and each time, I fall in love again with “my” city, I just need a lonely nightwalk in the city center for it to happen and restore that broken link

  2. Complimenti, scatti davvero molto suggestivi e con una resa cromatica particolarmente bella.

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