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Alice Pasquini at Circolo degli Artisti

Posted on Apr 23, 2012 | 3 comments

Friday to Sunday were spent parked in front of Circolo degli Artisti, where they had commissioned Alice to paint some new murals to cover old ones that were corroding away.  It’s an amazing experience to see the work from start to finish and always a pleasure when you are able to help document the work of a friend.  The use of cans, brushes, and pens is interesting and I think plays into her different backgrounds of illustration, street art, and classical art training. The wall looks even cooler at night owing to the almost fluorescent color scheme, so be sure to check it out in both types of light. The more and more she’s working on larger wall, the better the compositions get and the wall isn’t finished just yet.  So many amazing images were captured it’s actually kind of hard just to pick a few!Tune back on April 29, as she’ll be adding finishing touches. Here are some of my favorites and you can see more over on my Flickr as well as Alice’s.

For anyone interested in getting a piece of Alice’s art to call their own, 999 Gallery opens her solo show this Saturday, April 28.  There’s even a catalog that you can purchase online with some of my images over the years and a modest little contribution to the text.


CINDERELLA pissed me off 

Alice Pasquini Solo Show

April 28 to May 19 

From Monday to Saturday from 15.30 to 20


Opening Saturday, April 28 from 18:30



Via Alessandro Volta, 48

00153 Testaccio, Rome


  1. Fabulous capture of a very talented artist-congrats to both of you

  2. Interesting posts and a really cool blog. I miss the option to subscribe via email, or did I not seen?

    • Thanks! Just put the email subscribe widget up. Enjoy!

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