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Pigneto Città Aperto

Posted on May 30, 2012 | 0 comments

This past weekend Trauma Studio organized a fantastic event in Pigneto  which involved a huge number of galleries and locations in the neighborhood.  Deemed “Pigneto Città Aperta 00176,” the whole thing was put together on no budget in one month, making it all the more impressive in a city where sometimes there is a lot of talk and not much action.  This collective of young creatives who aim to promote art and culture pushed the crowds off of the pedestrian strip, which is where most people go in the neighborhood but which I find myself avoiding more and more due to crowds, and into the other streets filled with cultural associations, galleries, and bars.  I, of course, found myself drawn to a set of serrande that are always closed on via Gentile da Mogliano where 12 street artists (many familiar faces to those of you who follow the blog) were painting away.  The main photo shows everyone watching and chatting, enjoying the opening night of the event and taking in some painting.  I also stopped by Studio Arturo, where I took a printmaking class in April and where the ladies were doing screen printing on shirts and just about anything else you brought by.  This is just the beginning for Trauma Studio and hopefully the positive attention it brought to the neighborhood will bring some financing so that the initiative can continue in an even bigger way.  To see what you missed, check out the program on

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