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Tram Shooting with HTC One

Posted on Jun 27, 2012 | 4 comments

Anyone who follows the blog knows that I seem to have a fixation with shooting transit.  I suppose it’s not just me.  Photographers have been using trains and other modes of transit to inspire them for ages.  When I was contacted by HTC to participate in a project all month, using the HTC One phone as my means to photograph the city, I was excited by the chance to try out some new equipment.  After years of always carrying around my digital camera, more and more over the past year I’ve been sticking to shooting with my cell phone, so the idea of using the HTC One was intriguing.  My assignment for the first week was to use the continuous shooting feature, which is something I’m always using on my digital.  The camera did surprising well and takes continuous photos with a lot of speed, as you can see from the sequence in the gallery above.  The other cool thing is that it has a huge amount of editing features, so I was able to apply from filters and vignetting right on the camera and then it automatically uploaded to my Dropbox account, so I never had to even connect to my computer.  Pretty cool!

Next week’s assignment is using the slow motion video feature. I’ve already got an idea in my head inspired by this insane heat, so stay tuned!

PS. I’ll be posting extra photos I’m taking over on the HTC Italia Facebook page, so follow along there as well.


  1. very cool that you have these ‘assignments’ and get to try out a different piece of equipment. i love the feature of it automatically uploading into your dropbox….i hate plugging into my laptop…sometimes i let photos sit in my camera for months because of it!

  2. The trams are one of the most ecological mean of transport in Rome and not just becouse is elettrical, but even becose this trams are 60 years old and are still working image how many bus changed in last 60 years!

  3. I love the pictures of the trams, there is something about trams running in the street that gives a city a real buzz, you have captured it really well.

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