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Santiago Insignares Mural

Posted on Jul 17, 2012 | 4 comments

There’s nothing better than coming home with groceries after a long day of work and finding a nice mural being painted right by your house.  As it seems more and more like the street art in Rome is becoming curated into festivals and exhibitions, it’s rarer that I happen to be wandering along and discover something happening all’improvviso. Santiago Insignares is an artist I hadn’t heard of or seen before, but as I found out while standing on the street corner, is an artist from Colombia who studied at the IED here in Rome.  While he no longer lives here, he’s in town for a visit and plans on doing some street work while in the city.  Painted on a busy corner of the Pigneto neighborhood, all it took was asking permission from the autobody who owns the property and they were happy to have him paint over the writing that had been up for quite awhile.  Shooting in a lively setting like this is one of my favorites because you see the interaction of the neighborhood and can really grasp people’s reaction to the work as its going up.  Judging from the admirers and photos taken right when it was finished, I’d say it was a hit.  For more on Santiago’s work, see his Facebook page, including these amazing “in-progress” photos of a wooden sculpture that links directly to the pictured piece.  The vibrant colors pop off the dull grey background and by keeping the black writing underneath, I think it really enhances the contrast between the painting and the wall, almost as if the painting itself is something superimposed.


  1. Interesting to find out by your blog what Santiago is doing in Rome, besides visiting his student’s friends and neighborhood!! Amazing piece of urban art!
    And I’m not saying this just because I’m his proud father:What photos are showing it really grabs your attention. ¿Coludí you hang more pictures when finished?

  2. Fantastic mural, Santiago!

  3. Pariente comuniquese a mi facebook por favor

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