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Vintage Fashion in Rome with HTC One

Posted on Jul 5, 2012 | 1 comment


My next assignment with HTC One was to capture a bit of Roman fashion and use the face recognition feature to get the best portraits possible.  What is face recognition?  Basically, the camera can detect where someone’s face is when you are taking a portrait and will adjust the focus and lighting to make them look the best possible.  It’s easy to tell when it’s in use because a little white square comes up around the face of the subject at hand.

And so, where to go for fashion?  Vintage is all over the place in Rome now and so I knew of no better place to go than Leopardessa, the project by Jessica Harris and Mariaelena Masetti Zannini, whose vintage I already featured in my post about Tess a few weeks ago.  I’m normally not a vintage person but since the shop has turned in that direction temporarily since the Fall, I’ve been slowly but surely adding little vintage pieces here and there (including a beloved and lovely Vera Mont dress).  The nice thing is the prices are super reasonable (I would say from €35 to €70 more or less) and so you get something cool and unique without going broke.  This week made an especially good time to pop by their store on via Panisperna because they are hosting a temporary shop, Studio Travel, in the space all week.  The brainchild of former American Apparel buyer Daniela Luciani, she has turned her love of fashion from across the globe into an eclectic mix of both men’s and women’s vintage.  It’s a perfect marriage between the two spaces for the week with hip-hop music and aperitivos helping round out the atmosphere.

Daniela (top) and Mariaelena (bottom) were kind enough to model some fashion from Leopardessa’s vintage stock and both look pretty fabulous doing so!  If you like what you see or want to check out more, stop by via Panisperna 226.  The shop is open late until 10 pm during the hot summer and if you miss Studio Travel at Leopardessa, follow along with them on Facebook to see where she’ll pop up next.

By the way, I’m having so much fun with the editing and filter features on the camera that I can’t decide on just one version of the portraits…..head over the Facebook page for RomePhotoBlog tomorrow and I’ll post some other versions.  Let me know which you like best.


1 Comment

  1. Especially love the second photo

    I could see a young Sophia Loren posing like this-
    very Italian-great capture

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