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Hitnes: Paginae Naturalis

Posted on Mar 31, 2013 | 2 comments

Hitnes at the Museo Zoologia

Ever since I photographed Hitnes a few years ago during an event in San Lorenzo, I’ve loved his fluid, delicate artwork.  While this Roman artist is, in my opinion, one of the most talented from the city, he tends to eschew the typical road that most street artists take, staying out of the fray and quietly working in his own direction.  Case in point is the Paginae Naturalis exhibition at the Museo Civico di Zoologia, which has just been extended to May 6.  Hitnes has churned out an incredible 135 pieces based on the collections vast array of wildlife, each carefully painted on old paper and displayed in the cases with the taxidermied species.  His clever use of sheet music for the bird paintings, my favorite of the exhibit, mirror the way in which the animals seem to flutter off the page.  The haunting gaze of the owl gives the viewer a sensation that there really is wisdom behind those eyes.  The artist doesn’t just stick to birds.  Everything from squirrels to lions to crabs and insects are covered in what is an incredible artistic outburst from Hitnes.  Colors pop off the page, especially when we get to the final room with aquatic life.  With such an exciting display, it’s no wonder that the museum has decided to extend the run of the show, which breathes new life into the 1970s curatorial decisions of the permanent collection.  Entry to the show requires paying entry to the museum, €7 full price (€6 for Rome residents with ID).  Admission is well-worth it, especially for art lovers that wish to encourage more institutions in Rome to support young, talented local artists.

Pagine Naturalis

Open until May 6

Tue – Sun from 9 am  to 7 pm (last entry 6 pm)

Museo Civico di Zoologia

via U. Aldrovandi 18



  1. Stunning work-wish I was there to see it in person.Very talented artist

  2. Wonderful show indeed. A shame there isn’t a book available.

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