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I Salvaciclisti di Roma

Posted on Jun 14, 2013 | 0 comments



Hopnn may have moved to France, but that doesn’t mean he can’t stop back in Rome every once in awhile to visit friends and paint.  Hopnn’s work has always touched on cycling culture and as the movement continues to gain more and more followers in Rome, the messages rings ever truer.  Rome’s newly elected mayor (arrivederci Alemanno!) Ignazio Marino even arrived for his first day of work via bike.  Does this mean all of a sudden Rome will become a biker’s paradise?  Maybe not, but it can’t hurt to try.  The huge Ciemmona critical mass a few weeks ago saw tons of bikers invading the city, even the tangenziale.  But as a friend pointed out, where are all these bikers during the day?  Living in Pigneto, bikers whizzing by is a daily fact of life, with Zio Bici and Ex-SNIA being hubs of activity, but until the city makes the roads safer for bikers and tries to control car traffic, I fear it will always be limited to a small group.  And so now the challenge, among other things, is up to the PD and Mr. Marino.  After seeing the city fall into a state of degradation over the past five years, here’s hoping he can turn things around, even in a small way.

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