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The Kids of Metropolitz

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 | 0 comments

I went to Metropolitz this weekend to meet French artist Dj Alouz, who was in town painting, and in the meantime managed to see some of the new artwork that has gone up since my last visit and photograph Giulio Vesprini in action as well.  What struck me most over the day, and in looking at the photos, were the children who live at Metropolitz.  I spent my day alternately playing goal keeper and handing out sunblock to one interested boy, while being given a tour of the building and shown the roof by another.  The curiosity in art, the pride in place and the age that the children demonstrate from living in a place that can’t be easy made their resiliency all the more incredible and I was lucky enough to have many of them ask for their photographs.  For those of you looking for an opportunity to tour the space and see Giorgio de Finis’ documentary on how the entire arts and culture project started here a few years ago, June 30 there is a tour and film screening open to the public.

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