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Urban Art at Piazza Campidoglio

Posted on Sep 7, 2013 | 3 comments

A breath of fresh air has come into Rome since new mayor Ignazio Marino, a surgeon by trade, came into office a few months ago.  This couldn’t be more apparent both in the opening of a new office, the URC (Ufficio Rapporto con i Cittandini), at Piazza Campidoglio and in the choice of artists used to paint the rooms.  The office will be used as a place for Roman citizens to be able to come and have their voice heard – you can even request a meeting with the mayor himself.  Incredibly, the mayor was open to a proposal by the Capitoline Museum (the office are on the ground floor of the Palazzo Nuovo, part of the museums) to have the three rooms of the office painted by local urban artists.  Bol23, an historic graffiti writer, Luca Padroni, contemporary artist, and Alice Pasquini, street artist, were each given the task to paint panels in the rooms.  Three nights of non-stop work produced some beautiful results that are to mirror the welcoming feeling that the office would like to give.  Personally, after seeing a lack in investment in young, local talent, it’s a promising sign that the city has taken this initiative and welcomed three artists into the collections of the museum, as the panels will now become property of the Capitoline Museums.  I was lucky enough to be present for the painting of the panels and wanted to share the exclusive results as we cross our fingers for a new era of Roman art and culture.

URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 6 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 2 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 3 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 4 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 7 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 1 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 5 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 8 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 17 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 10 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 15 URCMuseiCapitolini_JStewart 16


  1. This is fantastic. Congratulations to all the artists. The recognition is well deserved.

  2. A breath of fresh air for Rome. Thanks for the photos.

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