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Riccardo Martinelli: Animals in the Underpass

Posted on Oct 31, 2013 | 3 comments

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Last night preparation for my next exhibition at Laszlo Biro, more on that later, brought me to Ostia and then by chance to the Dragona section of the city where I had just a few minutes to photograph some incredible work going up by Riccardo Martinelli, who also signs as Groove, at this underpass.  Fresh stuff like this reminds me that just when you think you know everyone painting in the city, you definitely don’t.  As the locals I was with showed me the area, we were surprised by Riccardo himself and photographer friend Suany Pangallo with promises for me to return and shoot more during the day.  The animals, huge in scale, really pop off the columns with great perspective as you are walking in the elevated highway ramp.  Slightly reminiscent of Hitnes for me, the lack of color in the pieces, as well as looser attention to anatomical detail make the pieces truly Riccardo’s own.  Definitely interested to keep him on my radar to see where the artwork takes him and how his style continues to develop.


  1. ciao riccardo,
    mi chiamo stefania, sono di acilia e i tuoi animali sotto i ponti mi sono piaciuti tanto.
    faccio parte di un gruppo che organizza eventi musicali e artistici,cromedrop (è attivo a roma e fuori da 5 anni) e con delle soce organizzo anche un festival si street art in calabria (muramura festival)
    se ti va di collaborare con noi contattaci su facebook: spaceladies roma.
    a presto ;P

    • Ciao Stefania, sono appena passata il tuo commento a lui. Grazie!

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