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Mina! – Hogre Residency at Laszlo Biro

Posted on Jan 25, 2014 | 1 comment


In a new twist on Laszlo Biro‘s usual installation based exhibitions, for the last month Hogre has been living inside the space during the first ever residency by the organization.   Hogre, a familiar name both to those ingrained in Rome’s street art culture as well as novices who have surely seen his work all over the city, is an artist constantly pushing himself creatively.  This current project was born from the idea to create a living space that would also act as his sketchbook.  Taking the intimate studies from his book and placing them on the wall for all to see, and for him to live with.  Without a plan in terms of what to sketch, when one enters the space it really does feel like you are inside the pages of his black book.  From anatomical studies done with a surprisingly adept hand to comic book characters, each piece gives the impression that you are able to see all sides of Hogre’s artistic personality and production.  What hit me most was the skill of the drawing.  As he often works in stencil, I was unaware of the beautiful skill he posses with a pencil, which was even further brought home by some sketches he showed me in the book itself.  It’s a brave push forward by the artist to open himself up in this manner, as sketches are often the most personal and intimate expression.  It’s the place where an artist experiments, makes mistakes, pushes the boundaries, and it’s rare to find one so willing to operate without a safety net and allow people into that space.  I suppose it’s fitting that the space also acted as Hogre’s home for the past month or so he’s been working on the project.  Visiting a few nights ago I was offered some cake and tea as we chatted about the experience.  Bravo as well to Laszlo Biro for supporting risky, non-commercial projects by the artists they love.  Rome is richer for it!

Mina! closes tonight, January 25 with the finissage starting at 7 pm.  Well worth a trip if you haven’t had a chance to experience the space in person.


Laszlo Biro

via Braccio da Montone 56 (Rome)

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  1. Beautiful work-very talented artist


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