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Agostino Iacurci: Small Wheel, Big Wheel at Wunderkammern

Posted on Feb 6, 2014 | 0 comments


Wunderkammern turns back to its Italian roots with Agostino Iacurci‘s solo show Small Wheel, Big Wheel.  Opening on Saturday, February 8 the exhibition is a chance for the artist, who has quickly become one of Italy’s most internationally recognizable muralists to play with a variety of mediums.  The show is Wunderkammern’s fifth instalment of Public & Confidential, which has previously spotlighted international artists like Mark Jenkins and Dan Witz.  As is typical of the format, Agostino also created a public intervention for the occasion in the form of a rare, large scale mural in Torpignattara.  Painted in October, I finally got a chance to wander over and admire the bold, graphic piece entitled “Zero Infinito.”  Taking the images it was even more clear to me why Agostino works so well on a large scale.  The simple, graphic lines, bold pops of color are instantly readable to the public and translate so well visually that the photos can be just as, if not almost more, impactful than the piece in person.  What people who only know Agostino from the past few years may not realize is that he’s first and foremost an accomplished illustrator and I would expect that skill to be on full display during the show.  Preview images and some work from his Instagram hint at cut wood playing a part in some three-dimension pieces, just another intriguing reason to head to Torpignattara Saturday night and support the show.

To learn more about the artist and the show, check out this video-interview with the artist himself by Almost Curators.

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