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Mentalgassi in Rome

Posted on Feb 3, 2014 | 0 comments

Mentalgassi_Rome_2014_photoJessicaStewart 2


Mentalgassi_Rome_2014_photoJessicaStewart 1

Last week  German trio Mentalgassi made a pit stop in Rome to wrap some columns along the via Prenestina with their whimsical posters.  Definitely not something that can be done discreetly, their Facebook page states that the intervention was done for a documentary called “Vertical Conquests” by Rosa Chiara Scaglione.  Googling didn’t turn up much about the project, but if it brings some interesting art to town, I’m all for it.  These columns, which were wrapped 360 degrees with the hands of the figures “holding up” the Tangenziale that runs above the columns, weren’t the only pieces the collective executed while in town.  A glance at their blog shows another short column (which I think might be in EUR from the shape), as well as some recycling bins.  The posters are fun, but for me their collaboration with Amnesty International a few years ago, which produced some clever, haunting pieces, was a high point.

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