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Marinella Senatore – The School of Narrative Dance

Posted on Jun 14, 2014 | 0 comments


Yesterday I headed up to the MAXXI in order to see how Marinella Senatore turned her project, The School of Narrative Dance, into a performance. The halls and courtyards of MAXXI were taken over with music and dance, of all types performed by all ages, in something that was unexpectedly moving for me.  That’s the funny thing with art – you never know what will touch a cord and sometimes you don’t even know why, but yesterday I started tearing up as the first choir began singing with their music interpreted by dancers who were choreographed by ESPZ dance company based in Berlin.  Marinella zipped through the performance space, videocamera in hand, as she raced from group to group to take it all in.  Later that evening she was awarded the Premio MAXXI 2014 for The School of Narrative Dance, which will continue through the end of September.  The idea of an itinerant school, open to everyone with lessons taking all different forms, shows that community inclusion and art can coexist.  See Marinella’s video below where she explains the concept and read more about the project here.  If you are interested in participating in a lesson while the school is in Rome, download the entire calendar here.

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