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Stanze, Reinventing Renaissance Rooms

Posted on Feb 12, 2015 | 0 comments

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I was thrilled to be asked by the director of Temple University Rome Gallery, Shara Wasserman, to curate an exhibition.  Inspired by the form of the beautiful Villa Caproni, which houses Temple, this is what I came up with.  Alice Pasquini, Gio Pistone, and Pax Paloscia have been hard at work bringing their rooms to life for Stanze, Reinventing Renaissance Rooms.  Read on for the press release and details of the opening and enjoy a few previews of the artwork.  I hope to see you during the opening, while the show is running, or during the closing on March 5 where we’ll also be having a concert by TEss featuring the Trio Improvviso.

Three rooms with three artists in order to fuse the past with the present; Stanze, Reinventing Renaissance Rooms is a challenge set forth to three contemporary urban artists, asking them to juxtapose historic tradition with contemporary concepts. The Temple University Gallery in Rome, set in Villa Caproni, is the ideal setting for Alice Pasquini, Gio Pistone, and Pax Paloscia, three prominent female artists with deep roots in the Italian street art scene, to reinvent interior spaces historically associated with Renaissance palazzi.

Assigning rooms to three Roman urban artists is a unique opportunity to unleash the contextual vision used to create public artwork in an intimate, interior setting, drawing inspiration from the rich history of Renaissance homes in Italy.

Individually the studiolo, Sala delle Nozze, and Sala dell’Astrologia represent different forms and function within the Renaissance construct of a home. Not only a private space, through the course of the Renaissance the palazzo became ever more an area for the wealthy to flaunt their Humanist knowledge through luxury collections of paintings, tapestries, sculptures and curiosities. The exhibition, curated by art historian Jessica Stewart of RomePhotoBlog, places the key constructs of these spaces in the hands of three adept artists, allowing the symbolism and spirit of the past to meld with contemporary visions.

Assigned with the study, or studiolo, Alice Pasquini tackles the origins of modern collecting. Expanding on the items collected during her voyages painting internationally from Cape Verde to Vietnam, New York to Melbourne, she puts her twist on the concept of the wunderkammer, which originated as the intellectual heart of the palazzo – a space where art and object combined to symbolize the humanist teachings of its owner.

Gio Pistone’s Sala dell’Astrologia, the social center of the palazzo, toys with concepts of power and influence. Her strong illustrative style, which has gained her widespread recognition in and out of Italy, combines with Renaissance symbolism to bring the viewer into an interactive game reflecting the power politics that allow certain winners to rise to the top and impose their legitimacy onto others.

Tackling the Sala delle Nozze, Pax Paloscia, brings a creativity cultivated over the length of a rich career that has brought her full circle back to Rome after almost a decade in New York City. Incorporating traditional portraiture concepts alongside works that evoke memory, her work exemplifies this intimate room, a room with functionality from birth to death.

Not your typical street art exhibition Stanze, Reinventing Renaissance Rooms, gives these artists the opportunity to demonstrate the skills used in creating contextual pieces in an outdoor environment can be translated fluidly to create interior works that play on the grand artistic legacy of the Italian Renaissance.


Stanze, Reinventing Renaissance Rooms

Alice Pasquini, Gio Pistone, Pax Paloscia

curated by Jessica Stewart

For further information and sales inquiries:

Jessica Stewart

Opening Tuesday 17 February 2015 at 19

Exhibition runs from 17 February 2015 – 5 March 2015

Gallery of Art

Temple University Rome
Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia 15
Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm; weekends by appointment

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