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About the Photographer

Jessica Stewart is a Rome-based photographer and art historian. She relocated to Italy in 2005 to be surrounded by the Renaissance and Baroque art for which she is passionate. Her love of photography was developed during coursework at Boston University and honed through her blog RomePhotoBlog, where she regularly posts images exploring contemporary living in Rome.

Her keen sense of observation, honed through years of studying the compositions of the Old Masters, is also informed by her time living as a foreigner in Italy. Through lighting and angles she seeks to find the beauty in everyday urban life and to breath new life into already iconic spaces.

Jessica’s photography has been featured in several solo and collective shows in Rome, as well as sites such as Unurth, Crack For Your Eyes, Wooster Collective, Brooklyn Street Art and Arrested Motion, as well as Budget Travel, La Repubblica and Il Giornale di Roma. In 2012 she was featured on CNNGo’s Rome episode as an expert on street art.  In 2012 she published her first book Street Art Stories Roma, one of the first publications to document the street art scene in Italy’s capital.